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The Vestry

        The Vestry is the legal agent and representative of the Parish in all matters concerning its corporate property and relations of the parish to the clergy.
It is responsible for making sure that the parish complies with the laws of the nation (IRS), the laws of the state (property and incorporation) and the Canons of the Church. In addition, the Vestry is responsible for all church finances and making sure that financial records are kept appropriately and for being good Steward's of God's blessings... tithes, offerings and donations. 
One of the prime responsibilities of the Vestry is to ensure that the earthly needs of the Clergy and his family do not become a distraction to his Godly duties. This includes but is not limited to their financial needs.
Additionally, the Vestry members are the lay "eyes and ears" for the Clergy. They can help the clergy by keeping them in touch with the needs, concerns and problems of parish members.
Vestry members should set good personal examples by making personal contact with parish members and also welcoming visitors. They are charged with praying for and interacting with parishioners at all levels.
Regular attendance by vestry members at services, social events and functions is critical for them to be effective with this responsibility.
All parishioners are encouraged to attend vestry meetings. The meetings are normally held on the second Sunday of every month following the 10:15 AM Mass and can run anywhere from one hour to two hours in length depending on how much business must be conducted.
If you have a subject that they would like to bring up at a vestry meeting, you are encouraged to contact a vestry member and discuss the subject so that it can be added to the Agenda and proper time may be set aside during the meeting for the discussion. Many questions about the business of the vestry and the parish can be answered by a vestry member.
It is important for you to know who your vestry members are and to feel free to contact them should you have any questions.